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Rød sashimi tun

Please see our high end tuna assortment.

We are the distributor in North EU of these products. The tuna rawmaterial is good quality red colour, quick frozen tuna and then smoked with (very) light flavour smoke , that way being high quality tuna that is totally conform to EU rules in every aspect.

Tuna sashimi loin 2-4kg


Tuna sashimi saku 200-400g


Tuna sashimi loin, extra smoked 1-2kg
Traditional smoked taste, beatiful red colour and higher quality han normal smoked tuna.

Tuna sashimi steaks
Retailpacked 2-3 pcs / 250g.

The smoking process:
What we do is a traditional cold smoked process, thus no specific EU veterinary approval is required as cold smoked fish is approved by the EU. The only difference with traditional smoked fish is that through a patented process (we can supply the patent info), we filter the smoke to reduce the Pah and to regulate the flavor and aroma intensity , the characteristic flavor and taste of smoke can be perceived in any of the three qualities we produce: Sashimi, Classic and Gourmet. (more or less smoketaste), the least in sashimi, medium in Classic, and then most in Gourmet which have full smoketaste. Regarding tuna specifically, we only use the higher grade sashimi Tuna, similar to the superfrozen quality or fresh Tuna shipped to Japan and Europe, so that the final color is preserved during smoke, furthermore if we use low grade quality (brown) Tuna, our smoked finish product will have a brown color, our patented smoking process , keeps the natural red color of tuna, thus we need to use high quality raw material, like AAA or A, which is red by itself, to apply our process.


The raw material:
As mentioned, we can only use high quality raw material to apply our patented process. Our products are made from hand line catch tuna (pole and line), that is, artisanal fisheries. The fish is catch of the day, selected by our buyers at port, and immediately processed fresh in our facilities. Only grade AAA and A are used for the cold smoking process, as we need red tuna to get a final product of higher quality and presentation. The products are processed in fresh condition and then frozen, this is a single frozen process.


Our sustainability policy:
Our aim is to use as much fish as possible coming from sustainable sources. In this sense we are sourcing our fish from local artisanal fisheries where there is an FIP implemented. In Vietnam we are partners with WWF Vietnam and WWF Coral Triangle, and in Indonesia with WWF, the Seafood Savers program and SFP, but we are participating in many other sustainability programs. Our supply chain is being audited by Fish Wise, an independent NGO which issues an annual audit report for Sea Delight certifying which of our products come from sustainable fisheries or not. Last year report states that 67% of our wild catch fish comes from sustainable fisheries.


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